Power sprayers

With their powerful engines, FENGTIAN power sprayer are what you need for heavy-duty cleaning of your house, driveways, decks and more. They deliver high water pressure that can get through the toughest cleaning tasks, and use a wide range of accessories to perform the job with efficiency.comfort and ease of use.

-Power sprayers can be used for washing cars and machines and ground
-spraying orchards or spraying both liquid or granular materials requiring greater range and high pressure
- Disinfection and sanitation in warehouses, hospitals, and public buildings
- Disinfecting the ground after flood
- Drainage after flood
-High rise building fire extinguishing.
-Water supply for building construction

Knapsack sprayers

Fentian has a selection of electric and powered sprayers to meet your outdoor maintenance needs. Fentian sprayers are easy to use, easy to fill, and feature intuitive controls for precise application. Our sprayers provide excellent spraying coverage.

-Spraying vegetable plantations with plant protection
-Plant protection treatments
- spraying insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides for weed and insect control - Liquid fertilization
- Pollination treatments of plants in greenhouses
-Disinfection and sanitation in warehouses, hospitals, and public buildings
-Disinfecting the ground after flood
- It can be used for painting the outside walls and inventary buildings with water based paints, for whitewashing the trees and for shading the walls of greenhouses.